Janusz Korczak Pedagogical University in Warsaw and the Polish Society of Social Policy in Warsaw are the organizers of the 6th International Conference of ESPAnet Poland 2019. Educational Partner of the Conference is ZUS.

We invite scholars, university lecturers and social workers interested in the subject of social policy to participate in the conference.

ESPAnet was founded in 2002.The annual ESPAnet conferences are held in different European cities/countries each year. ESPAnet is a European network of researchers and practitioners involved in the analysis of social policy aimed at facilitating the exchange of experience and cooperation in the field of social policy across Europe. In 2019 on September 26-27 in Warsaw, the 6th International Conference of ESPAnet Polska will take place, being a continuation of the aforementioned cycle, with particular emphasis on implementing the aspects of digitization and digitization. The organizers cordially invite everyone interested to familiarize with this year's program, with proposed discussion panels and to take part in interesting lectures delivered by invited guests.

The goals of the ESPAnet Poland 2019 conference being promoted are to summarize and develop knowledge in the analysis of European social policy, to attract young scientists and to help them deepen their knowledge, skills and experience, equal opportunities and promote an interdisciplinary approach to social policy analysis.

The ESPAnet network aims to develop contacts between social policy analysts across Europe, and thus to act as a forum for the exchange of ideas and debates on social policy at European level. Encourages international dissemination and exchange of information on significant changes for European social policy and facilitates and promotes international research in this field.


Conference venue


 Krucza 28
 00-522 Warsaw - POLAND



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